A Program Designed Specifically For Standers

  • Do you feel that God has called you to stand for your marriage?

  • Are you looking for a cost effective approach to your stand?

  • Do you need strategic support and accountability during your stand?

  • Are you ready to stand for your marriage the right way?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of those questions, then this specialized program is a great fit for your stand!

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Here Is What’s Included With Your Membership

Stander Motivation Plan

This PDF document is comprised of 3 sections and includes over 100 motivational prayers and declarations for you to use on a daily basis. This plan is provided to you once you join the program.

Bi-Weekly Stander Case Studies

These video interviews take place with actual standers who either have been reconciled or are currently standing but are having success. Learn from veteran standers the secrets to their success.

Weekly FB Live Strategy Sessions

Every week we will be providing FB live strategy sessions. This is where we deep dive on very specific topics that standers deal with. No more confusion while you stand, become a strategic stander.

Weekly Q&A FB Lives

We will also provide FB live Q& A sessions for the questions that you have during the week. So, submit the questions that come up for the week and we will answer them during the weekly Q&A session.

Small Accountability Groups

We know that accountability is a huge key to a successful stand. So we get you plugged into an accountability group with other strategic standers. Receive encouragement when you need it the most.

Weekly Strategic Assignments

So that you remain productive during your stand, we will challenge you with weekly assignments and activities for you to complete. This will help you to never feel lost or non-productive during your stand.

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The Strategic Stander

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The Strategic Stander

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