A Program Designed For Marriage Reconciliation

  • Do you feel that God has called you to fight for the reconciliation of your marriage?

  • Are you looking for cost effective and credible help with restoring your marriage?

  • Do you need strategic support and accountability during your stand?

  • Are you ready to stand for your marriage the right way so that you get real results?

If you’ve answered “yes” to all of those questions, then this specialized program is a great fit for you! Over the last 5 years we’ve helped thousands of standers stand strategically for their marriage using our proven system that we call “Strategic Standing.” It’s your turn to restore your marriage!

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Carmille’s Success Story

My husband and I were separated for 4 years. We have experienced infidelities, poor communication, being ignored and pushed away feeling like all hope was lost, bankruptcy and loss of our home. I have wished I didn’t love him so it wouldn’t hurt so bad and wanting to give up BUT GOD wouldn’t let me. I found David & Amanda one night while I was crying and couldn’t sleep. You guys have been more then Blessing to me. Strategic Stander gave me strategies to stand Gods way and to focus on His word not what I saw. Your guidance and prayers have helped me to focus on God and not my husband. I started working on myself spiritually and physically. My relationship with Jesus is so much better stronger and there is nothing my God can’t do!!!
My husband and I have recently reconciled (Insert Holy Ghost dance)! I still continue to use the strategies and prayers from Strategic Stander daily. This stand is not just about you. The enemy wants to see families destroyed.
Be encouraged it ain’t over till God says it’s over!!!Victory belongs to JESUS!

Leeann’s Success Story

When my husband left me I stumbled across Motivated To Love and David and Amanda’s books and podcasts, as I was searching for help. I devoured their podcasts and books because they had been where I was and came out on the other side. I joined the Strategic Standers Program because I knew I didn’t know how to stand. I knew I needed the strategy and support that David and Amanda provide in their teachings, counseling, question and answer sessions and accountability groups. I learned so much through David and Amanda about how to be a healthy whole me and what a healthy marriage looks like as well as how to live and walk in my faith. With their strategies, I was able to stand for myself, plant seeds, provide safety and security for my husband, love unconditionally and walk in faith. As a result, I am now on the other side…6 months reconciled!!!

Melody’s Success Story

Six months after saying “I do” my marriage imploded–I didn’t have a clue about what to do next. I was embarrassed, sad, and depressed–but most of all, I still loved my husband and I wasn’t ready to give up on my marriage. I was scrolling through Facebook one day and noticed a friend had “liked” the Mastering Marriage page–I am convinced I was meant to see it!! It was the help that I needed!! The coaching sessions with David and Amanda helped me to learn things about myself and my husband. My Marriage Motivational Plan went with me everywhere!! I printed multiple copies to ensure a copy was within reach at any given time. It helped me to truly understand where my husband was and how his past played a major factor in why our marriage was dying.
The members of my Accountability Group supported me and provided encouragement when I needed it most and I learned important tips during each weekly Facebook Live Q&A session–some I still use today! After “standing” for our marriage for two years my husband and I reconciled and our marriage was restored, reborn and renewed. The Strategic Stander program played a significant role in providing the tools, resources and support to guide me through my “stand” and ultimately the restoration of my marriage!

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Let Us Stand With You


Standing for the restoration of your marriage is one of the hardest things that you will ever have to do. Amanda knows. She fought for two years at the beginning of her now over 12 year marriage for it to be restored. After reconciling, both her and her husband began serving those who are now where they once were.
With David’s 15 years as a mental health counselor as well as his previous experience as a reluctant spouse, they provide very specific and strategic resources for standers through their Strategic Stander Program. These are the same strategies that restored their marriage. Over the last 5 years they have worked with thousands of standers to help restore their marriage. Now, it’s your time.

Stand The Right Way In 3 Steps

Step 1

Stand For Yourself

Before you can properly stand for your marriage, you have to first stand for yourself. This is easier said than done. We make sure that you don’t skip this very valuable step of the standing journey.

Step 2

Stand For Your Spouse

Only after you are standing for yourself can you properly stand for your reluctant spouse. We provide very tangible and proven strategies to help you accomplish this step.

Step 3

Stand For Your Marriage

Once you have accomplished standing for yourself and your reluctant spouse, you will be in the best possible position to properly stand for your marriage. Stand the right way.

Here Is What’s Included With Your Membership

Group Coaching Sessions

Every Wednesday, our members have the opportunity to participate in our live group coaching sessions via Zoom where you get direct access to David and Amanda to strategize your most pressing concerns.

Access To Member Only FB Group

All members have access to our private Facebook group. In this community of strategic standers, we do our FB live video teachings and Q&A’s. This group is the main way that we connect with our members.

Stander Motivation Plan

This PDF document is comprised of 3 sections and includes over 100 motivational prayers and declarations for you to use on a daily basis. This plan is provided to you once you join the program.

Reconciled Files

On the 3rd Tuesday of each month a new case study will be posted. These video interviews take place with actual standers who have been reconciled. Learn from veteran standers the secrets to their success.

FB Live Strategy Sessions

On the 2nd Tuesday of each month David provides a FB live strategy session. This is where he deep dive teaches into very specific topics that standers often struggle with. Class is officially in session!

Live Q&A Sessions

On the 4th Tuesday of each month, we provide a live Q&A session to answer the questions that you have during the week. You’ll be able to submit your questions on a weekly basis and get honest answers.

Small Accountability Groups

We know that accountability is a huge key to a successful stand. So we get you plugged into an accountability group with other strategic standers. Receive encouragement when you need it the most.

Weekly Strategic Assignments

So that you remain productive during your stand, we will challenge you with weekly assignments and activities for you to complete. This will help you to never feel lost or non-productive during your stand.

Live Overflow Sessions

On the 1st Tuesday of each month Amanda provides Overflow sessions that focus on your spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. Come prepared to be renewed so that you can endure your tough stand.

Office Hours

Because there is no cookie-cutter approach to standing, we also offer office hours for those standers who require more timely assistance. Both David and Amanda are always available to respond via Voxer.

And Now For The Best Part…
Moderate Membership Cost About $1 per Day or $35 per Month!!!

Don’t wait to join, space in this exclusive program is currently limited.

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Tacarra’s Success Story

After the intensives I realized there was a lot of work that I had to do on me, so I went through the Overflowing Wife program. The Overflowing Wife program taught that there were some things that I let go of in my aspirations of trying to be the perfect wife. The program taught me balance and reaffirmed the importance of me time. So, I got back to doing the things I liked to do! I wrote a letter to fear telling it that its existence in my life was no longer welcome. I wrote a letter to God and asked him exactly what he saw in me.
After that I joined the Strategic Stander Program! I loved it!! I got one on one time with David and Amanda to really discuss what was going on with me and I got to ask how to approach certain situations. I had also received a marriage plan about how to pray for myself, for my husband, and about the true authority that I have as his wife. I received a daily e-mail of words to meditate on and music suggestions to fill my spirit up with the right things. I now have more great music added to my collection!

JoJo’s Success Story

When I first heard about David and Amanda, I had been standing for 4 years. At the time I joined the Strategic Stander program I was stuck. I knew that I was called to stand for my marriage but it seemed we were hovering around the landing pad. I first read Amanda’s book Motivated to Love. I realized that the one thing that I needed to do was not only finish the changes that I was making but to love myself and to be confident in my walk. I joined the Facebook group and soon found the need to join strategic Stander when it first started. Amanda and David helped me finish my journey. Through this program I was able to have accountability for my walk as well as to learn that there were things I could control and others I couldn’t. I started growing and completed the journey to truly letting go. It wasn’t easy but the freedom that came from that also gave me a confidence that my husband started to see as well. As I let go, things finished changing in my life. My career improved, my home life improved, my financial life improved and I met the best prayer partner after asking God to send me a warrior.

Tarro’s Success Story

As a member of the Strategic Stander program Amanda guided me to rebuilding my self esteem, self-worth, and my faith relationship with God. Through the activities that were offered through the program, I was able to take my focus off my troubled marriage and bring my focus back to me. One particular activity I remember is Mandy had us to reflect over our life through all the hurt and pain that we’ve been through. I was able to really pinpoint where all of my pain started. She taught me how to take my focus off how I can change my husband and how to change me for me. Not change me for him, BUT for me! The Strategic Stander program taught me that I’m more than a wife and a mother, but I am also human. It showed me how to work through my emotions in a healthy way. It taught me to LOVE me more than I loved my husband. This was done through daily self affirmations and homework assignments. Now that my husband and I have reconciled, I still find myself having to motivate myself and do some of the affirmations over just to remind myself of who I am. I truly believe had it not been for Amanda and David’s teachings, I would have never found me again. And for that I will forever be indebted to them.

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Despite what we may want, we know this program is not for everyone. However, if you are tired of trying things on your own or tired of the same cookie-cutter approaches this program IS for you. If you are tired or getting advice from those who have never been where you currently are, this program IS for you. If you want to see progress in your stand, this program IS for you.

And the best part is our affordable price. Literally for $1.16 a day ($35 per month) you will have access to everything mentioned above. And if you don’t like it once you join, you can cancel at any time. Or, you can join our newest program feature; our Premiere Group Coaching Membership!!!


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